Game and Movie Podcast discusses and dissects both films and games while busting out the facts and giving out hot takes. We also give you a shorter experience with our specialty interviews and “Weak Points”, a smaller series that focuses on just one topic. It’s informative. It’s nostalgic. Sometimes it enjoys adult beverages, and it’s pleasantly NSFW! Kick back with a cold one and  let’s relive the experience together!  

So yeah, ​although it may seem at times like we’ve had one too many (There might be a nugget of truth to that), there are hours upon hours of research and note taking devoted to each episode we put together. From the start of the process when that episodes’ hosts pick what game and movie we’re going to rip into, to the stupid amount of hours spent on editing and final presentation. The  podcasting process has been a huge time sink for me, (albeit, a satisfying one) with researching the shit out of everything having to do with just starting out. Recording gear, format choices, who to choose for hosting, recording techniques, filters, EQ settings and dynamics…which recording and editing software to pick, and then little by little learning how to operate it – which is easily a full work week by itself. Each week we get better and learn.
We started out with the long format “OG” that goes in depth with a game and a movie and runs between an hour and a half to two and a half hours. Now we have added a more informal and shorter format simply called “Weak Points”. It can be about any fuckin thing we want, and usually less than 30 minutes in length.
So…that’s a little about us. Now tell us a little more about you…and dont skimp on the “long format”, mmmkay?
-Anthony Schwader and the Game and Movie Podcast Crew