Adam Kooyer from Rcaderadio found time to kick it with Anthony and Corey at the GaMP booth telling us about the bimonthly arcade themed podcast he co-hosts. Though young, they’re able to net special guests such as Walter Day, so in my opinion, they look to be a podcast with quality arcade tailored content. Not […]

Hair of the Dogcast is hosted by Josh Mueller and Tom Wegner, and they found their way over to our booth to talk turkey. We chat about what Hair of the Dogcast is all about, ranging from show premise, scheduling, beer review and information, and the origins of their production. They’ve been a podcast about […]

Shane Gutbrod and Dave Furrer from the development team Arcadeaholics sit down and talk to Tony about their new arcade game – Cosmotrons. They break down the many aspects of the game mechanics and what Cosmotrons is all about. They also touch on the vector style graphics, the games inner workings, struggles during development, Solar […]

Guys Games and Beer. The name says all it needs to when it comes to this numerous band of podcast lovin’ brothers and sisters. Rob and Tom (And eventually Mike and Drunk Larry, too!) were chosen to storm our booth in what was the most spontaneous and hilarious interview all weekend! They take us through […]

The man behind the largest arcade in the world, Galloping Ghost arcade, sits down with Tony for a quick interview! He sheds some light on how the arcade came to be, the company he is fortunate enough to keep since opening it up, new game Mondays, and many other projects he is currently working on […]

Veterans Jeremy Parish and Bob Mackey from the universally acclaimed gaming podcast RETRONAUTS join Tony to talk about Metroid: Federation Force, 3DS Streetpass, audio video game preservation formats, the struggle of behind the scenes research and episode creation, Talking Simpsons podcast, and in a cruel twist of fate, Bill Laimbeer. In my mind, these guys […]

Tony up on the mic describing the final puzzle piece in the studio and our appearance at the MIDWEST GAMING CLASSIC! We had to get a new mixer because we finally found out what was wrong with our old (new) mixer. It’s a long story and it involves Tony being a bonehead, but everything is […]

We started with 29 (sic) underrated games, and now we’ve landed at “motherfuckin” as a modifier. It could be worse. So now let’s take a trip with Tony as he lays out a few motherfuckin NES games that might be worth your time. HELL YEAH!   CONNECT WITH US: FACEBOOK  TWITTER  TUMBLR  INSTAGRAM WEBSITE: E-MAIL: PHONE: […]

Game and Movie is back with a baseball attitude! Anthony, Eric, and Jim take apart and analyze Bad News Bears from 1976, and Bad News Baseball on the NES. Can we drink as much as Buttermaker? We put ourselves to the test inside! This was recorded on the coldest day of winter, so you’re invited […]

Amber and Tony talk about ZOMBIES ATE MY NEIGHBORS on the Sega Genesis. Amber’s a new addition to the crew…and we get down and dirty with vodka and friendship. Bite it, you scum. 😉   CONNECT WITH US: FACEBOOK  TWITTER  TUMBLR  INSTAGRAM WEBSITE: E-MAIL: PHONE: (414) 530-5432 Call us with your hot movie and gaming takes! […]