IT ONLY TOOK US NINE MONTHS Sure it was recorded in February, but that’s not stopping us from releasing this episode looking back on one of the best years in gaming and movies – 2017! Anthony, Jake, and Nate break down their favorites from video games, theatrical releases, and even from their personal lives on […]

September 26, 2018 | folder episodes, featured, Movies, Video Games, Weak Points

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Our 10th full length episode! Tony, Mark, and newbie Jake sit down and hash out the truly dismal Star Wars Holiday Special and the decent for its time NES shooter, Gradius. What did you think about The Star Wars Holiday Special? Did you hate it as much as we did? Do you think it should […]

Tony, Magoo, and newbie Tabman sit down and decide to tackle two giants in their respective industries. Rocky, the iconic boxing movie that lit the 1976 box office on fire, and Punch Out, arguably one of the most impressive games on the original Nintendo entertainment system and one of the best original sports franchises known […]

Adam Kooyer from Rcaderadio found time to kick it with Anthony and Corey at the GaMP booth telling us about the bimonthly arcade themed podcast he co-hosts. Though young, they’re able to net special guests such as Walter Day, so in my opinion, they look to be a podcast with quality arcade tailored content. Not […]

Game and Movie is back with a baseball attitude! Anthony, Eric, and Jim take apart and analyze Bad News Bears from 1976, and Bad News Baseball on the NES. Can we drink as much as Buttermaker? We put ourselves to the test inside! This was recorded on the coldest day of winter, so you’re invited […]

Anthony, Corey, and new babe Gary bust apart Gleaming the Cube [1989] and BOTH Skate or Die titles on the NES! WE’RE BACK, CUTIES! After a 3 month hiatus that saw us upgrading the fuck out of the studio, we present to you Episode 6! You’ve waited long enough.   CONNECT WITH US: FACEBOOK  TWITTER  TUMBLR  INSTAGRAM WEBSITE: […]

Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker. The man in the mirror. Anthony, Magoo, and Dieter absolutely get their hands dirty in episode 5 by dissecting and taking apart Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker. Yes, the game and the movie. Yer gonna love this.   CONNECT WITH US: FACEBOOK  TWITTER  TUMBLR  INSTAGRAM WEBSITE: E-MAIL: PHONE: (414) 530-5432 Call us with your hot […]

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. Anthony, Mark, and Trevor break down Kevin Costner, Morgan Freeman, and Alan Rickman’s performance (Among Others) in the 1991 smash hit, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. We have yet another paired episode for you again as we dissect and talk about Sculpted Software and Bits Studios’ NES game of the […]

Anthony, Eric, and Corey go LOOOOONG for the touchdown in this brutal dissection of the original version of the movie THE LONGEST YARD starring Burt Reynolds, and TECMO SUPER BOWL, the classic NES football game that still remains popular even in 2016. This is by far our longest episode yet, and we really break down […]

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. Beethoven’s 2ND on the SNES. Oh yeah, we’re going there. Anthony, Lauren, and Magoo make pets the focus of this episode. Join them as the break down and analyze the smash hit comedy and the terrible, no good, SNES game. This is not going to be pretty.   CONNECT WITH US: […]