IT ONLY TOOK US NINE MONTHS Sure it was recorded in February, but that’s not stopping us from releasing this episode looking back on one of the best years in gaming and movies – 2017! Anthony, Jake, and Nate break down their favorites from video games, theatrical releases, and even from their personal lives on […]

September 26, 2018 | folder episodes, featured, Movies, Video Games, Weak Points

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DO INDIE GAMES MAKE LIFE BETTER? You bet your sweet ass they do! Welcome back to Weak Points. A shorter format (?!) podcast that focuses in on specific topics. This episode the original crew from episode one is back! It’s more indie games that we love! Mark, Tony, and Dieter each bring three of their […]

August 13, 2018 | folder episodes, featured, Video Games, Weak Points

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RCADE RADIO? WHY BOTHER? I’m positive Adam Kooyer has heard this question a time or two in his life. Adam, along with co-host Mark Shields have produced the RCADE RADIO podcast about 3-4 times a month since 2016. Yes, as the name may give it away, this podcast is primarily focused on the arcade industry. […]

REBECCA ROTHSCHILD INTERVIEW With Game and Movie’s booth right next to Mutant Football League’s, we got to talk to amazing personalities like Digital Dream’s creative director Michael Mendheim, and the voice of NBA JAM Tim Kitzrow. However, we found there was still more amazing talent hiding over there when we met Rebecca Rothschild. So, of […]

MICHAEL MENDHEIM INTERVIEW By some sort of dumb luck, the Game and Movie Podcast booth at the Midwest Gaming Classic this year was right next to Michael Mendheim and the spiritual successor to Mutant League Football, Mutant Football League! That’s right, all it took was switching two words together…and almost 25 years, but the creator […]

For the second year in a row Anthony wrangled up the guys responsible for the indie arcade game Cosmotrons, Dave Furrer and Shane Gutbrod. Together they form Arcadeaholics, the company they design and produce Cosmotrons under. This game is a 1-4 player competitive shooter with gravity. It’s like Asteroids on steroids! We catch up from […]

Anthony and Mark managed to sit down and talk with the man responsible for the indie arcade game DEATHBALL, Tony Hauber. DeathBall is sort of like a competitive one to two player game of soccer, played by wizards! Think Rocket League meets Shovel Knight, and you have the right idea. Tony tells us how he […]

Here we go! Tony extends our coverage of the Midwest Gaming Classic with another huge interview. The voice of NBA JAM and NFL BLITZ, Tim Kitzrow! Tony caught up with him early Saturday morning to talk about his past in the industry, working with Midway and Acclaim, and his current project, Mutant Football League. We […]

Inside this short and cute episode of Weak Points, we reminisce on the twelve headed behemoth of the fighting game genre, the one that changed it all…Capcom’s STREET FIGHTER II! Tony and Trevor sit down and talk childhood memories, with a couple of facts and bits of trivia mixed in. We were undecided what we […]

Our 10th full length episode! Tony, Mark, and newbie Jake sit down and hash out the truly dismal Star Wars Holiday Special and the decent for its time NES shooter, Gradius. What did you think about The Star Wars Holiday Special? Did you hate it as much as we did? Do you think it should […]