IT ONLY TOOK US NINE MONTHS Sure it was recorded in February, but that’s not stopping us from releasing this episode looking back on one of the best years in gaming and movies – 2017! Anthony, Jake, and Nate break down their favorites from video games, theatrical releases, and even from their personal lives on […]

September 26, 2018 | folder episodes, featured, Movies, Video Games, Weak Points

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DO INDIE GAMES MAKE LIFE BETTER? You bet your sweet ass they do! Welcome back to Weak Points. A shorter format (?!) podcast that focuses in on specific topics. This episode the original crew from episode one is back! It’s more indie games that we love! Mark, Tony, and Dieter each bring three of their […]

August 13, 2018 | folder episodes, featured, Video Games, Weak Points

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Inside this short and cute episode of Weak Points, we reminisce on the twelve headed behemoth of the fighting game genre, the one that changed it all…Capcom’s STREET FIGHTER II! Tony and Trevor sit down and talk childhood memories, with a couple of facts and bits of trivia mixed in. We were undecided what we […]

Tony and Mark sit down after a trip to Galloping Ghost arcade to talk about some of the indie games that we love. In the first of what will surely become a reoccurring theme, we break down and analyze the indie games, who is responsible for their greatness, and why we love them. Do any […]

We started with 29 (sic) underrated games, and now we’ve landed at “motherfuckin” as a modifier. It could be worse. So now let’s take a trip with Tony as he lays out a few motherfuckin NES games that might be worth your time. HELL YEAH!   CONNECT WITH US: FACEBOOK  TWITTER  TUMBLR  INSTAGRAM WEBSITE: E-MAIL: PHONE: […]

Amber and Tony talk about ZOMBIES ATE MY NEIGHBORS on the Sega Genesis. Amber’s a new addition to the crew…and we get down and dirty with vodka and friendship. Bite it, you scum. 😉   CONNECT WITH US: FACEBOOK  TWITTER  TUMBLR  INSTAGRAM WEBSITE: E-MAIL: PHONE: (414) 530-5432 Call us with your hot movie and gaming takes! […]

Who are the best outlandish playable characters in the Tony Hawk series? Hey cuties! We’re serving up another episode of Weakpoints for ya, and this time, Tony and newcomer Nate break down and rank the best of the best – according to their PROFESSIONAL OPINIONS. Would you make any changes? Let us know by contacting […]

The top 29 most underrated NES games? Not really, but how does 10 or so sound? Tony takes a brief look at a dozen that should be given another chance. Did you miss us? We missed us too, but this right here is the beginning of the end of our hiatus. We’ve been saving our […]